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Many years ago Wordsmithcrafts ran a “Medieval Craft Club”

Over time interest in it grew, and all sorts of plans were cooked up. Some of these plans involved actual cooking and time travelling feasting. We made lantern shields for parades, tried bowl turning, and blacksmithing. All the crafts had a heritage connection, but the aim is to not just make replicas but also to be inspired to create new things. There was a strong Viking theme which led to the setting up of Galloway Longfhada the local “Vikings” re-enactment group. Who knows what will happen this time round?

Enough history … the time has come to revisit the craft club idea, working towards Nithraid 2023

General craft club sessions are drop in events. All ages are welcome, but under 16’s will need to bring an adult with them. We will ask for a £5 contribution to cover workshop overheads. There are some free to use materials available which have been donated. Participants will be able to discuss and start “pay as you go” craft projects using Wordsmith Crafts tools and materials.

Participants are also invited to bring their own projects and use the time to “get around too it”, as well as share knowledge and skills.

If you are short of cash, but have time, we can work something out. If you’d like to become a Cluaran member and help this project develop – please let us know!

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