Bannocks, Boxes and Bags

Bannocks are baking and the boxes are packed! Must be the season for school visits.

Soon settlers will become seakings, and the viking era will be thoroughly explored. Stories from around the Irish sea region given will be given a fresh airing.

It all looks so tidy now! Will that survive contact with the classroom!

Arts Installations


The cluaran project was initiated by Simon Lidwell as an art project. It’s aim was to build a boat, but it became more about building interest in heritage. So what is heritage? You might think of treasure, but one definition is simply anything you can inherit.

So, stories, craft skills, the experience of being on the water with a crew of time travellers – all of this is heritage.

As the year gets going we will soon be launching “Crafts for the King”

This activity will give people the opportunity to set up “Cottage Industries” which will use cheap and easy to access materials to make desirable products. These products can then be donated “To the King” and will be sold on a mediaeval stall at the Robert the Bruce 750 medieval market in Dumfries.

Proceeds from this will be re-invested into holding a harvest time Medieval feast for all those involved.

This activity makes available what we have learned about organising community feasts and making hands on heritage crafts.

It provides the opportunity to think about the nature of kingship – or authority in general (Which king are we talking about? What type of King would you choose? What is Kingship? )

If you would like to buy any of the sort of Jewellery featured in the pictures on this page, please visit Simon’s Etsy Shop


Museum photoshoot

Craft club is teaming up with the museum service, Annan photo club, and local reenactors to bring characters from the past to life.

Try out things to wear at craft club on the 8th of feb

Tales at the tap on the 15th

Photoshoot on the 22nd!

*** Extra information about the photoshoot

Muster at the workshop by 6pm to share lifts, Or turn up at Kate’s Kitchen on Annan High street at 6.30 for a 7pm start. Tom Hughes from the museums is the organiser.


More info and sign up for updates here:

Events storytelling

Tales at the Tap

The third Thursday in February is the 15th.

We will be starting a bit later from now on, moving the gathering time to 7pm

Last month there were some hilarious moments when we played an improvised storytelling game.

This month features a mix of music and story led by Simon and Kate. What would you like to hear?