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Ever wanted to find out what happened after the book finished? Or do you get so immersed in reading that you ‘see’ the events you have read about ‘written’ in the landscape?

You are not alone!

Throughout the summer groups around the world bring history to life through reenactment of events and recreation of clothing and equipment based on archaeological finds. They are also people who create environments where you can immerse yourself in fantasy worlds, play games,  and walk around inside a story.

Wordsmithcrafts projects anchor themselves in research, and steer away from the excesses of wild fantasy. This is out of respect for the power of imagination, rather than suspicion or fear of it though!

Would you like to get involved? Here are some of the activities this summer that by next summer you could be participating in…

Whithorn- Viking Weekend

Watch Galloway Longfhada doing their thing in Whithorn

Avaldsnes Viking Festival

Medieval Bruce in Dumfries

Please keep in touch!

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