Not strictly Cluaran! But very related.

The cluaran boat was in Whithorn last weekend for some naughtical heritage. It wasn’t on the water, but there was the launching of a brand new færing. This has been a Whithorn ReBuild project with Gail McGarva and it is great to see it completed.

Working away in the camp

Galloway Longfhada Vikings set up a camp where sails were being woven, food preserved for provisions – and some acting too.

In a crossover with Quartz type activities, some filming was taking place for a BBC programme exploring the connections between Faith and Re-enactment. It will be interesting to see what the final programme looks like!

Stories food and fish

Rope and Boat Launch

This article introduces some of the many finds of nautical interest from Birka

A very interesting length of rope that would have been tied round a stone to anchor ships in place.

and if you are interested in a boat to go with tou anchor – Whithorn Rebuild with Gail McGarva will be launching this one in a few weeks time. Get yourself along to Whithorn!

If you can’t make it for the Launch on fridag, there is a whole weekend of fun at the Whithorn trust where you will be able to get close to the boats.


Ancient Bands

Well, the design of these armbands isn’t quite as old as antiquity, but they are an example of local heritage that is older than the names of some of the hills.

We will be making them with young people as part of the Whithorn Trust activities. This gives them a hands on encounter with history, craft skills, and something they can wear and be proud of.

We will also give the opportunity to play with pattern welding techniques using plasticine.


Crafts for the King

Cluaran members have been volunteering at Summerhill youthgroup. We are helping them learn to make things which will be useful for medieval costumes to us in the town celebrations of “Good Neighbours” day.

The next stage of the plan will be for them to pick tasks they are we best at, and try making things to sell. These can then be sold at a medieval market in the summer in Dumfries. Income raised from this will go towards subsidising a medieval harvest feast.

Who is the king though? There is a king of the UK now. Dumfries is celebrating 750 years since the birth of King Robert the Bruce. The kingdom of heaven is both here now and will come to be…

What qualities do you look for in a king? Which king would you craft for?

Arts Installations

Star Charts

We love maps. But how about a map of the stars that is almost 2000 years old. This one was found underneath writing on a reused manuscript, but is now readable using some fancy technology.

This page has photos and a description of the discovery

a report in the press with links to find out more

more info from the India times