Ancient Bands

Well, the design of these armbands isn’t quite as old as antiquity, but they are an example of local heritage that is older than the names of some of the hills.

We will be making them with young people as part of the Whithorn Trust activities. This gives them a hands on encounter with history, craft skills, and something they can wear and be proud of.

We will also give the opportunity to play with pattern welding techniques using plasticine.


More Schools

Did I mention that it is school visiting season? The requests for Viking visits have been flooding in this year.

Every visit is different, because every class approaches the topic in a different way. Hopefully we help them learn about the people who contributed to the Scotland we live in today.


Kirkbean School


Bannocks, Boxes and Bags

Bannocks are baking and the boxes are packed! Must be the season for school visits.

Soon settlers will become seakings, and the viking era will be thoroughly explored. Stories from around the Irish sea region given will be given a fresh airing.

It all looks so tidy now! Will that survive contact with the classroom!


School Visiting

A Quick overview

Cluaran describes itself as giving access to “Living, Breathing Heritage”. One of the most rewarding ways to see this happen is visiting primary schools to help the pupils meet someone who has contributed to the Scotland they recognise now.

We use a combination of storytelling, handling of replica artefacts, games and craft activities. Each visit is a unique experience. Sometimes we visit at the start of a topic to inspire the pupils, on another visit we will arrive after they have been learning and get to see them recognise, and hold, things they have only read about in books.

So at the end of the year we are going to post some reviews of schools visits. If you would like to get involved in this sort of activity please get in touch!

2003 to 2023 Newspaper articles about school visits by Cathbad.

Games and activities from a visit to The Royal High School in Edinburgh, 2023

We take the boat each year to Cargilfield in Edinburgh for their Viking day.

Long before we had our own boat, or even thought of the name cluaran, the current WSC directors caught the ferry from Aberdeen to visit schools in the Shetland Island with Ulfric and Aasa. We even took a bed to make each day and turn a school hall into a home.

What would you like to see more of, leave a comment or get in touch!