Cluaran Craft Session

1st of June 2023

This Thursday evening is a general drop in crafts session.

3 James Avenue, Dumfries DG2 9AU.

Please park in the yard rather than the street.

7-9 pm

Bring your own project, or find inspiration from the many ideas help in the workshop.

You could also use the time to read. We have been collecting books, and guides on a wide variety of heritage crafts, or again bring along one you have wanted to get around to reading.

Chip in £5 for workshop overheads. Materials are available on a pay by project basis. If you are short of cash, but have time, we can work something out. If you’d like to become a Cluaran member and help this project develop – get in touch too!

On Thursday the 8th of June we will have a boat maintenance session, in preparation for going for a row.


Tales at the Tap

The Ancient Art of Storytelling

Considering the venue, a telling of the mead of poetry is probably a good start.

There is another good tale about Thor fetching a cauldron from Hymr for a feast in Aegirs hall.

What went on in that hall is a tale for another time though…

Do you have a favourite story?

Invite your friends!