Tales From the Longhouse

Back in Lockdown “The Viking Storyteller” and “Cathbad” got together to run evenings of stories. Three storytellers told a story each in a virtual longhouse.

People dressed up for the occasion, or even built forts from boxes. Whilst people were staying at home to stay safe the walls of their houses were dissolved and people were able to gather in one place.

They decided not to record any of the stories, in order to emphasise the live and unrepeatable nature of the event. Some examples of their storytelling, from rehearsals or other live events can be found here:

The Viking Storyteller (often going by the name “Olaf”) can be seen telling stories here:

If you are interested in a story about stories – here is a sweet one for you.

More info here:

Events Workshops

Jewellery Workshop

This summer we took part in the Kirkcudbright Arts and Crafts trail. This is a great open studio event, and for those who don’t have studios in Kirkcudbright (like us) there is a temporary artists camp set up in the town centre.

During the event we were approached by a member of the public whose wife had recently died. She was a silver smith and he wondered if we had a use for some of her tools. All he wanted in return for this gift was a donation to the MND Scotland charity.

Therefore, as artists, we decided that rather than just giving what we could afford we would donate a workshop sharing our skills in order to raise awareness and cash for MND.

You can take part in the workshop if you buy a ticket here:

You can find out more about MND Scotland on their webpage (and donate directly).