Here is a selection of ongoing activities and events we have contributed to. If you like this, and want to help keep it going then you could become a supporter to stay in touch or an active member to take part:

Heritage Festivals and Public Engagement events (ongoing repeat bookings)

Including Nithraid, Historic Environment Scotland Events, and Perth Medieval Fairs

  • The Sea Connects Events
    Ever wanted to find out what happened after the book finished? Or do you get so immersed in reading that you ‘see’ the events you have read about ‘written’ in the landscape? You are not alone! Throughout the summer groups around the world bring history to life through reenactment of events and recreation of clothing… Read more: The Sea Connects Events
  • Summer 2024/924
    The show season has well and truly started. School visiting overlaps with weekend events, so it is a busy time of year! Cathbad and Wulfgar have just returned from a market in Norway. These markets are international melting pots of ideas, interpretations, and places to learn skills. This market is held annually near Avaldsnes, on… Read more: Summer 2024/924
  • Whithorn
    Not strictly Cluaran! But very related. The cluaran boat was in Whithorn last weekend for some naughtical heritage. It wasn’t on the water, but there was the launching of a brand new færing. This has been a Whithorn ReBuild project with Gail McGarva and it is great to see it completed. Galloway Longfhada Vikings set… Read more: Whithorn
  • Museum photoshoot
    Craft club is teaming up with the museum service, Annan photo club, and local reenactors to bring characters from the past to life. Try out things to wear at craft club on the 8th of feb Tales at the tap on the 15th Photoshoot on the 22nd! *** Extra information about the photoshoot Muster at… Read more: Museum photoshoot
  • Tales at the Tap
    The third Thursday in February is the 15th. We will be starting a bit later from now on, moving the gathering time to 7pm Last month there were some hilarious moments when we played an improvised storytelling game. This month features a mix of music and story led by Simon and Kate. What would you… Read more: Tales at the Tap

School Visits (ongoing repeat bookings)

Assembly style presentations, small group work, hands on experiments and crafts – and boats!

We have visited school throughout the Galloway Glens, The Rhins of Galloway, Lockerbie and The Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, and Further afield to Thurso, the Isle of Mann – wherever there is silver and fame to be won!

  • Ancient Bands
    Well, the design of these armbands isn’t quite as old as antiquity, but they are an example of local heritage that is older than the names of some of the hills. We will be making them with young people as part of the Whithorn Trust activities. This gives them a hands on encounter with history,… Read more: Ancient Bands
  • More Schools
    Did I mention that it is school visiting season? The requests for Viking visits have been flooding in this year. Every visit is different, because every class approaches the topic in a different way. Hopefully we help them learn about the people who contributed to the Scotland we live in today. Inverkeithing Kirkbean School Please… Read more: More Schools
  • Bannocks, Boxes and Bags
    Bannocks are baking and the boxes are packed! Must be the season for school visits. Soon settlers will become seakings, and the viking era will be thoroughly explored. Stories from around the Irish sea region given will be given a fresh airing. It all looks so tidy now! Will that survive contact with the classroom!… Read more: Bannocks, Boxes and Bags
  • School Visiting
    A Quick overview Cluaran describes itself as giving access to “Living, Breathing Heritage”. One of the most rewarding ways to see this happen is visiting primary schools to help the pupils meet someone who has contributed to the Scotland they recognise now. We use a combination of storytelling, handling of replica artefacts, games and craft… Read more: School Visiting

Some highlights from over the years

Nithraid in Dock Park Dumfries 2023

Getting the boat out on the water! We arranged to launch Cluaran from the Loreburn slip on enough evenings to train a crew of rowers for the Nithraid day. We have kept a log of the experience. On the day we set up a medieval pavilion, rustled the salty coo and populated the festival with time travellers both on and off the water.

Tales at the Tap

Once a month for the last couple of winters we have been gathering in the Riverside Tap (Beer without Borders) for an evening of storytelling and music. Simon tells the stories accompanied by Kate, who also sings. Sometimes we have all joined in the singing. These evenings are free to attend and there is a wide selection of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), although the main focus is on ales.

Summer is the time to take it on tour!

Kirkcudbright Galleries, Galloway Hoard 2022

We arranged the “going away” event with craft workshops, a parade, a Viking encampment and even a boat burning.

Wordsmith Crafts CIC

Cluaran became a Wordsmith Crafts project, part of a community interest company formed to make heritage more accessible.

International Skiffie World, Stranraer 2019 (Early Medieval)

Working with archaelogists and rowing enthusiasts – as well as the general public

Hidden Histories 2018, 2019 (Medieval)

With Sleeping Giants in Dumfries and Galloway – Visit the “Gallovidian Way” to follow the legacy of this work.

Invaders in the Solway 2018 (Roman/Iron Age)

With Dumfries Museum. Making anchor cables and exploring the Roman world from the supply ports on the Solway.

Romans meet the locals

Thurso Viking Festival 2014, 2016 (Viking era!)

We set up a small shipyard, complete with an artifical pond for model boats. We built them a boat to burn on a beach and arranged an evening spectacular

Burnswark Excavations 2016 (Roman/Iron Age)

Interpretation work with Annan Museums and primary schools. Interpreting the archaeology which re-wrote our understanding of the Iron age hill fort

Festival of Museums in Dumfries 2015 (Early Medieval)

Static boat display and schools work.

Check back for more!

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