Sorry for the short notice, but events have converged to offer rowing on the Nith on Thursday evening, the 27th of June.

Meet at the wordsmithcrafts workshop (3 James Avenue) at 7pm

Or 7.30 at the slip by the Loreburn centre/White sands (please let us know you will meet us there).

Assume you will get wet. Bring your own lifejacket/flotation device if you have one.

There will be more opportunities later in July.


Summer 2024/924

The show season has well and truly started. School visiting overlaps with weekend events, so it is a busy time of year!

The essential Viking era Cathbad?

Cathbad and Wulfgar have just returned from a market in Norway. These markets are international melting pots of ideas, interpretations, and places to learn skills. This market is held annually near Avaldsnes, on the island of Bukk√ły.

Three swords set in stone to remember the acheivement of Harald Fairhair.

Soon they will be travelling to the south  and a ‘Thing’ gathering on the Isle of Man.

They also took the opportunity to visit a bronze age gathering place for ships.

A small glimpse