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Characters on Nithbank

If you come down to Deer park in Dumfries today you are in for a special treat. Along with the Cluaran boat we have characters fished out from the Nith as it flows through time (and the imagination!) This is part of the Nithraid organised by the Stove Network

As well as talking to them you can also imagine a character for yourself – and use it to tell a story.

Here are some questions to think about:

Just in case the google form isn’t working, you can find it by following this link

If you can’t be by the river Nith in person, you can still join in. Use the idea of the river to travel through time. What stories would you tell if you were standing there? What stories would you want to listen to, or do you want people to research. What would help turn the places you live in into a home, rather than somwhere you are passing through?

Here are some signposts to places and groups who might be able to help you turn these ideas into research and reality!

And of course, Wordsmith Crafts CIC, especially through the Cluaran Project

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