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  • Locko Park

    Locko Park

    This will deserve a more comprehensive post. Everyone is in the middle of event planning though. So until we get time to publish the skippers log, have a look at this schools experience of cluaran as part of the Galloway Longfhada display

  • Summer 2022

    There have been a lot of changes taking place behind the scenes to get ready for the summer of 2022! The website has been overhauled to prepare it for the way forward. Also, in order to “stay on course”, Cluaran has changed tack. Cluaran has become part of a community interest company called “Wordsmith Crafts […]

  • Welcome to the new site!

    Welcome to our new WordPress site. Historical entries from the Skippers log will be uploaded here – as well as all the new things which are happening.

  • Winter 2021

    We have had a pretty good summer! It was great to get out and about, although our usual regular big shows did not return. We worked in a new site at Crosmichael. This was an opportunity to interpret the Viking era hoard discovered just accross the river from where we were camping. We also were […]

  • Summer 2021

    As Lockdown eases we adapt again. Some people are still restricted from travelling. We all need to continue to be cautious,  as the plague needs people to travel. However, some events that were postponed last year are preparing to happen. This has meant a lot of things have come at a rush. Our equipment has […]