Tales From the Longhouse

Online Storytelling

We have created the atmosphere of a longhouse online.

We used this as a venue for lovers of stories to gather and listen to stories every month. As well as the resident storytellers, Cathbad and Olaf, we invited a collection of guests to tell their tales. Now that Lockdown is over and the sun has returned, we will be taking part in more “In Person” events outdoors. This means that the monthly sessions have paused.

Cluaran is also testing out new ways to use digital devices and online space to cross barriers. We have a gather space which we hope to open up for those who would like to get together online and practice telling tales. Keep your eyes open for more information.

Whilst we have focussed on providing ‘Live’ Sessions and activities, some the the Longhouse residents have been caught on camera – want to get a wee look ?

Watch this example here and visit the YouTube channel for more stories.

We also have a “Lockdown Colouring Book” on sale. This was first created when an artist started drawing as she listened to the stories. The current edition is being tested out with a limited print run of only 30 copies – We have already seen improvements to be made! If you would like to be the proud owner of a copy you can buy it on Etsy


There are QR codes so that you can link to an online story to listen to while you colour in.