Scottish Archaeology Fair 2022

Well we made it! Despite a torrential downpour during set up the team managed to pitch the Iron Age camp.

During the day the public encountered an inquisitive Roman. He was very curious about the state of the roads. He had travelled far with his marching kit, but what would the locals think of him? (And his gifts)

Photo from facebook

One of the Novantae was making armour, who knows? Perhaps the wire rings he was linking together will survive a thousand years in Carlingwark loch. Hopefully the memories of making that the public gained will last a lifetime too.

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From further west, a Selgovae crafter helped bend wire to another use. She crafted copper alloy rings with people. She also told tales from the Iron Age to entertain and expand the minds of all those with ears for listening.

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Next weekend we will be in Barhill woodland for the final outdoor event of the season.